As a firm, Jain Jagawat Kamdar & Co. ("JJK & Co.") formerly known as Jagawat & Associates can trace its roots back over a 20 years (formed in 2002) and since that time it has grown steadily through focus on the fundamentals of providing sound practical advice with value for money. In recent years, the firm has expanded considerably to become a broad-based provider of advice to owner as well as professionally managed businesses.
Currently Eight partners - based in Mumbai,having branches at Pune, Bhopal, Surat and Delhi. Forty Five persons (full time) consisting of trainees and other staff members support them.
It started as a firm focused only in providing high quality service in the field of audit and taxation. Today's entrepreneurs demand that chartered accountants do more than crunch the numbers. Though the core competency still prevails, JJK & Co. now offers a broad based advisory service that makes it partners in its clients’ overall business strategies – and successes. JJK & Co’s services are designed to solve problems for entrepreneurs. JJK & Co’s comprehensive approach includes information risk management, tax planning, business-information processing and management, and strategic advice. JJK & Co constantly innovates to find new ways to bring value to its clients through hard work and continuous efforts at self-improvement. JJK & Co takes pride in the fact that it is one of the few firms to have managed to combine professionalism with highly personalized service to its clients. The rapid growth in the range and breadth of consultancy services within the firm reflects our determination to provide the best possible assistance for its clients. The firm strives to exceed its client’s expectations and to ensure the client’s satisfaction with its work.
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